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Foshan TU Rui Technology Co., Ltd.

TU Rui Technology is located in Nanhai District Keyun Road Town Technology Industrial Park Zone B, Foshan City on the 6th, the company registered capital of 10 million yuan, the company has factories, office buildings with a total area of 5,000 square meters.Tu Rui Technology Co., Ltd. Foshan City, is derived from Europe, America and domestic paint industry the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology in the development of painting equipment, design,production and sales have more than 10 years of valuable experience, the company is committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective advanced coating equipment and systems.The company is committed to the research and development process in line with customer requirements of the following products:Aluminum vertical, horizontal electrostatic powder coating equipment; vertical wood coating production lines; Vertical Horizontal fluorocarbon coating production lines; powder spray booth and recycling filtration system; Hardware, furniture, home appliances,communications equipment, auto parts, spraying automatic production lines, spraying robots, clean room.Swiss Companies adhering coating technology first,quality-oriented,service-oriented business philosophy, to provide customers with energy efficient, low carbon and environmental protection equipment, and rapid development in harmony with our customers.